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Sep 17, 2014 5:30:00 PM

Okay, it's not Sunday, but we're so excited about an old supplement, new findings and the possibility of time travel that we're treating Wednesday as if it were Sunday.  Oh my God - we've discovered time travel.

Let's talk Creatine...

Creatine is T H E  S U P P L E M E N T - It helps replenish explosive energy. It’ll make you strong. It’ll make you fast. It’ll make you smoke fools. It’s seriously magical.  

GEEK SPEAK:  Creatine, in the form of Creatine Phosphate, plays an important role in restoring explosive energy i.e. ATP.  Creatine Phosphate helps rapidly rephosphorlate ADP, turning it back into ATP (explosive energy.)  As Creatine Phosphate stores become depleted, the ability to perform high-intensity explosive exercises declines.   

SAY WHAT???  Here's a simplified version of how it works:


The Magic Of Creatine:

A study showed that trained subjects who used creatine improved their back squat by 50+ lbs. That’s enormous! And those people became faster and jumped higher, too. And then they dominated. Well, we made that last part up, but based on those results, we wouldn't want to go head to head with them.

In a study publish in 2010 in Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, it was reported that subjects who weight-trained and supplemented with creatine had less myostatin compare to those who weight-trained and took a placebo.  

Myostatin is a compound that inhibits muscle growth.  Less myostatin = MORE MUSCLE!

Creatine creates an environment in your body that allows you to get huge!

Creatine will improve the quality of your training sessions, which will yield better performance over time.  If you're able to complete just a few more explosive reps each training session with creating supplementation, think about where you'll be in a month, three months, or even a year.  Your gains will be so much more impressive.


When To Take It:

A lot of athletes like to take creatine 30 minutes before training, which works great for some.  Some athletes say they get cramps if they take creatine before an intense training session.  The great news is, creatine is effective when taken at any time throughout the day. 


Supplement Companies:

Supplement companies and their talented lab peeps are constantly trying to improve creatine bioavailability and potency, which has led to a number of forms of creatine.  Creatine Anhydrous, Tri-Creatine Malate, Creatine Citrate... you get the point.



Due to the number of forms of creatine, it's difficult to provide a blanketed dosage i.e. we can't say take x number of grams per day because of the various types of creatine.  Creatine monohydrate, for example, was the first form of creatine to be created.  Suggested dosages for monohydrate include a loading phase and a maintenance phase.  Dosages for new forms of creatine, like creatine HCL, may not require a loading phase and dosage amounts are typically less.  When in doubt, consult the label of the brand you like for instructions on dosages, loading, etc.


Cost: (Low)

Creatine averages about $20 for a 60 day supply. That’s 33 cents a day, people. Creatine is a no-brainer. Combine creatine with a protein packed diet and SpeedBot’s workouts, and you’ll transform into one of those werewolves from Twilight. You’ll run so fast and get so strong that you’ll literally burst out of your clothes. And then spontaneously grow copious amounts of body hair and fangs. In a good way.


Our Two Cents:

When it comes to supplementation, we'd rather be safe than sorry which is why we always recommend a brand that has been third party certified.  For more on the checkout:


This video will show you exactly what to look for to make sure you're buying safe supplements.


Keep in mind, creatine is most effective when taken for an extended period (28-84 days) and when it's combined with proper training.  Strength increases in bench press, squat, and power clean may be 2-3 times higher in trained athletes.  Obviously proper training will help you get the most out of proper supplementation.  If you're doing things right in the gym, supplements can yield significant gains.  If you're not training properly, the powerful and magical effects of supplements won't be as prominent. 



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Remember: As always, consult with your physician before starting any supplement plan.


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